Mohamed Rafi Kudus 62 is a retiree, having worked for over 30years in various parts of Malaysia managing housing facilities. He finally settled in rural Kampung Pantai, Negeri Sembilan. 3 years ago he managed to buy his dream car, a well kept 25 year old land Rover Defender with original parts, engine and interiors intact. Away from main city centers, finding knowledgeable and reliable mechanics to service and upkeep his prized vehicle is not easy. After several disappointed experiences with nearby mechanic shops, he was fortunate to find one and now he drives 30 kilometers to a specialist garage in Mambau for regular checks and parts upgrades.

As an avid bird watcher, Rafi has aspirations to visit Costa Rica where he says he can most likely spot over 400 bird species. The Humming bird species alone has 20 plus. Birding in Costa Rica will probably break his personal record of new bird sightings.
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