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Herman Salimun 46 and Faedra Ahmad 45 have been married for 17 years and have 3 children - Mikel 16, Lana 12 and Dija 9. They found life in Kuala Lumpur stressful and draining. 10 years ago, they chose to move to Seremban, Negri Sembilan for better quality living and for their children to grow up in a more local environment without the pretense of city life. Affected by the recent worldwide economic slowdown, Herman was retrenched from managing an export oriented quarry business. With resounding resilience he and his wife transformed themselves into entrepreneurs, now supplying 'Nasi Lemak' to local vendors around pockets of Seremban suburbia.
This family of five have different travel aspirations. Herman and Faedra (husband and wife) would love to go to Bali for a tropical getaway. Their 16 year old son Mikel is a gamer and would like to travel to Cologne, Germany for the Gamescon festival. The two younger sisters are attracted to Disneyland, USA for a theme park getaway.

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