Yajna is an ancient Vedic sacrificial ritual. My project documents the ritualistic process and the main character behind this modern day version of fire sacrifice.

Sami 57, is a part time lorry driver and spiritual seeker. He studied the art of Yajna in southern India for 3 years, returning to Malaysia to teach and perform Yajna in places with spiritual energy. This ancient Vedic ritual is a form of fire worship - reciting hyms and mantras and offering food and prayer items as sacrifice to dieties who control the forces of nature. This ritual is believed to help man have a prosperous life, in harmony with his environment.
Sami has consistantly performed Yajna on full moon and black moon days at various venues for the last 12 years. Through synchronicity, he was offered to perform Yajna, at this isolated family owned hindu temple set at the edge of a forest reserve, in Negri Sembilan.
Although his drive comes from seeking spirituality he has hopes that by appeasing the dieties, it also alleviates his son's suffering from a devastating brain tumor.

Performing these rituals are expensive, materials needed can reach thousands of ringgit. With the help of several donors and his personal money he makes tonight's ritual possible.
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