We offer several workshops, designed to help - beginners, college students, executives in PR, media, marketing, communications and publishing to get up to speed with photography essentials. Our creative – in the field coaching techniques are what students benefit from. Our workshops can also focus on specific areas like corporate events, street and travel photography.



1. Digital Photography Essentials 
“A comprehensive guide for photography newbies.”
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2. Corporate Photography Essentials
“Get Into The Heart of Event Photography and Digital Asset Management Basics.”

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3. Editorial Photography Essentials 
“Make all things beautiful, learn the art of storytelling and Travel Photography.”
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A workshop to suite your needs:

Nikt Wong photography workshops can also be customised to a client's request and can be held at unique locations combining outdoor practice and theory in a single experience. 

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View a short video of a workshop conducted for UNHCR's regional officers (Asia).


Video Testimonials from senior UNHCR officers 


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